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I was born in Lansing, Michigan. When I was about one year old my family moved to Winona, Minnesota, where I would spend the next eleven years of my life. After Winona, my family then moved to Kirksville, Missouri. I spent the remainder of my Middle School and then High School years in this town. I began college in the fall of 2015 at Drake University while my family moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia where I have lived the past two summers.

Along with my parents, I have a younger sister, Chloe, who is currently a senior in High School. I also have a dog named Oscar who is four years old.


I am interested in a variety of things. I have always loved sports. As a child, I was in gymnastics for around ten years, played soccer for about six years, and played tennis for about four years. Other that those sports, I ran on the cross country team in middle school and was on the swim team for three years. In Kirksville High School, I was involved in tennis for two years and on the cheerleading team for two years. I also ran track all four years. I enjoy watching sporting events as much as playing in them. I especially like watching track and field, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, and basketball. In college, I have participated in quite a few intramural games including basketball, soccer, and field hockey. Along with sports, I was the Senior Class treasurer in the Student Council , the sports editor of the school yearbook, a writer for our school newspaper, and a member of the Key Club while I was in high school.


Ever since I was little I have absolutely loved to travel. Some of my favorite memories as a child involved traveling with my family across the United States. My favorite family trip was on a Disney Cruise when I was in the second grade. Most recently, my family went to Costa Rica. I also went to the Dominican Republic after my senior year of High School and the Bahamas when I was in elementary school. In January, I will be going to Spain and Portugal for a Global Leadership course and Mexico later this year with some of my friends. Traveling is important to me because I have the opportunity to  understand other cultures and the way that other people live outside of the places I have lived. I hope that I continue to have opportunities to travel the world and continue to expand my knowledge and love for different places around the world.