Core Values


While reading the list of core values, I had a very difficult time narrowing it down to five that I found more important than all the others. The first and most immediate value I selected was family. There seem to be different family relationships than, for example, when my parents were kids.  My father, mother, and sister (and my puppy but some people do not count that) are the most important people in my life.  As cliché as it is, they are the people that have been there and will be there no matter what happens.


After choosing family, I had a bit more trouble narrowing down the rest of my choices.  I came up with equality second because people are not all treated equally, due to race, gender, sexuality, social class, etc., but these are not the things that people should be divided by, which leads me to my next core value.


People should treat everyone with kindness. Everyone is fighting his or her own battle; life is hard.


Next, I circled health.  I was hesitant to make this value so important because it seemed selfish but without health, the other values would be harder to achieve.


Finally, after much thinking, I chose hard work.  Hard work shows commitment, perseverance, and strength. Natural ability can only get people so far and I admire people who work for what they have. Even more difficult than choosing only five core values was picking one of them over the others.  At first, I did not think this would be such a difficult task until I thought of a few real world experiences, such as dealing with racism without getting too angry or thinking my sister is doing something wrong but not wanting to betray her.  When put in these situations, it is not that I choose one value over the other but I try to choose what is least harmful to most people while still being honest.  This is much easier said than done, though.  Which, for me, is where being a reflective practitioner comes into play.  By taking a step back and looking at a situation instead of acting on impulse, I am using my moral compass to try and do what I believe is best.  It is important to reflect on what has been done each day because no one person is always right.  By looking back on good or bad decisions, we are able to learn from mistakes and better ourselves each day.  In journalism, this is incredibly significant because the work we are doing each day affects many more people than our family, our coworkers, and ourselves.  Our work is being made public and people, whether the reader or the subject, are relying on us to get the news out properly.  Throughout my time here at Drake, and the rest of my life, I will try to relay the honest news to the best of my ability without sharing anything too personal that is irrelevant. I will keep my core values and stay true to them.